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May 29th, 2014 - COLUMBUS, Ind. - For the fourth consecutive year Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU), the nation's leading forklift supplier, ranked number one in safety, fewest safety-related incidents and most affordable to maintain in terms of safety in a study conducted by Peerless Research Group on Lift Truck Safety.*

"Toyota is committed to the issue of safety. Toyota's forklifts offer a number of ergonomic, productivity and durability features, and most importantly, the industry's leading safety technology Toyota's System of Active Stability," said Jeff Rufener, president of TMHU. "We are proud our forklifts consistently rank highest in safety." The study was conducted with qualified readers of Modern Materials Handling magazine to better understand and track which lift truck safety factors are most important and which companies are regarded as manufacturers of the safest lift trucks. Those surveyed were selected from subscribers who are involved in the use, evaluation and purchase of lift trucks and lift truck accessories.

Peerless Research Study

Comments received from the respondents included:

  • "The name Toyota is synonymous with safety, quality, and value. The lift [truck] also comes standard with a SAS system to help stabilize the lift when it travels outside the stability triangle."

  • "[Toyota] has a commitment to safety and ensuring product quality."
  • "Toyota is safety minded and user friendly."

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