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August 8th, 2016 - COLUMBUS, Ind. – Toyota Forklifts earned the number one spot in a study to determine which brand of forklift is the industry leader in four key areas: quality, value, cost of ownership and safety.

The study, conducted by Peerless Research Group, surveyed people involved in the evaluation of material handling equipment. The survey found Toyota Forklifts leads the industry in quality, value, cost of ownership, and safety, which includes the categories of most affordable to maintain in terms of safety and fewest safety-related incidents.

Nearly 300 respondents in the shipping and transportation, manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing and storage industries, participated. Comments from the survey respondents include:

“I have been a trainer and operator of forklifts for many years. As far as safety, durability and quality, I have had the most success with Toyota.”

“We have had them for years and have had little to no issues.”

“This is the lift truck we have purchased new every time for its ease of use and simple operation.”

The purpose of the third-party research is to better understand the features considered most important when evaluating forklifts for purchase. Toyota Forklifts has been named the leader in all categories since the study’s inception more than a decade ago.